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Sheki comes from our family owned Sahut factory in Israel. We believe in fresh ingredients and have been devoted to producing delicious fresh juices since 1992.

Sheki is under strict Epstein Kashrut Certified Kosher brand supervision, as well as OU Certified Kosher and BRC adherence.

Anyone who knows us knows that cleanliness is of paramount importance at a Sahut factory. The fruits and vegetables harvested for our juices come from Israel and abroad. They are thoughtfully selected for exceptional taste and quality while also checked for health and Kosher standards.

Over the recent year, and especially in view of the COVID pandemic, health awareness has been rising and we at the factory have long been involved with issues of health, fitness and their importance, which is why we have opened in the U.S. We aim to give our customers a variety of healthy, nutritious and delicious options direct to home.  

You have a choice of shopping at your local store or ordering at Please enjoy and stay healthy.

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